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Tear Pages

Enable your sales and service teams to select and create their own custom collections and presentations with the pages of your digital catalogs.

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What are Tear Pages?

Modern publishing companies are using Tear Pages to deliver faster and better organized sales decks and wish lists. Tear Pages enables sales and service teams of any size to continuously refine, customize and control collateral materials pulled from their catalog library so they individualize each customer's experience. 


Easily search for specific content from a library of indexed catalogs to pique interest or close a deal. 


Tailor your collateral to each selling or service situation. Capture key content — such as product descriptions, parts numbers or brand highlights — in one place for you to easily access. 


Curated content can be shared through a unique URL and exported as a PDF.

Under the Hood

Create, organize and present at any scale.

Robust Tools

Tear Pages offers a rich, familiar set of tools that makes it easy to create compelling, polished sales materials that make an impact – whether you are connecting with customers online or visiting in person.

Better Relevance

Tear Pages allows you to leverage complete pages, select images and text from your company's catalog library so you can personalize the sales experience. Dirxion hosts all content online so it's easy to access.

Fast & Powerful Search

Fast, seamless search technology speeds up interactions and creates an overall better search experience.

On-Demand Support

Dirxion has your back. From extensive documentation to real interaction with our team of specialists, we are there to fully support you.

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