May 2020

Version 7.6 Release Notes

Dirxion's version 7.6 offers cross-platform improvements

We’ve enhanced the user experience to optimize important screen real estate and make navigation easier and more intuitive.

Version 7.6 has built into it improvements across all devices. The mobile and tablet experiences are faster and snappier. The desktop experience has greater customization capability to closely mimic each client brand’s unique look and feel.

Improved Mobile Experience

We've updated the mobile design for a faster and more user-friendly experience by updating the menu and search displays to use modal functionality and by removing full containers. The new transition between portrait and landscape is smoother. Additionally, flipping to landscape mode expands the view to a full page spread and removes all menu options to maximize screen space.

Improvements on Desktop

A list of improvements are being implemented for desktop and laptop browser users. Our 7.6 improvements are here as follows:

  • Modal functionality for dialogue boxes, allowing users to click anywhere on screen to close an action;
  • Grid thumbnails w/ improved lazy load for fast performance;
  • Enhanced HTML5 page-flip animation, if desired;
  • Enhanced responsiveness, allowing users to resize the browser window into menu-based experience;
  • Cleaner, full container for tabs, rather than rounded-off styles;
  • Copy link to clipboard rather than social share that forces users into email client within digital publication;
  • Crop direct to download rather than share, similar to changes made to social share;
  • Default font updated to new styles;
  • Omission of social tabs, which have performance users based on inconsistencies with API; and
  • Option to remove thumbnail image from search results.

An example of the revised full-screen thumbnail view for faster browsing

Modal Redesign

Updating to modal functionality enables the user to click anywhere on the screen to close actions. These dialogues are typically launched when clicking on a toolbar action, and the dialogue content has also been redesigned. This simple functionality greatly improves the user experience and offers a modern improvement.

Customers will not be required to update to 7.6 but are recommended to do so in order to more-easily transition to version 8.0 later in 2020.

Version 8.0 will introduce new UX/UI designs developed using analytical analysis and qualitative feedback from B2B and retail publishing leaders.

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